What are the best online courses?

Working and learning in our world is constantly changing. In recent years we have developed special educational offers that primarily impart knowledge and provide impetus for behavioral changes such as soft skills.

Traditional and purely knowledge-based learning formats are slowly “overtaking” one another.

Business online learning and education is slowly making its way into businesses.

Now is the time to initiate modern online learning opportunities for education and business. Therefore, platforms for “online courses” can also play a role in personal development and provide useful access to education.

Quality criteria for online courses


The teacher also plays a decisive and important role in online courses. Is it possible to establish a relationship with the participant using video conferencing? Does he speak to him directly, include him in the classroom and find suitable examples that encourage thinking? In addition, one should also assess the specialist knowledge and training and experience as a tutor.

Quality of the video

With videos, the production quality can decrease enormously. But even with PowerPoint presentations, a good presentation of the course content is important for learning success. The slides should be clear and easy to read and use he font size selected correctly. Does the additional material contain further information, further videos, checklists and documents that are helpful for your own application?

Practical relevance

Is it possible in the online course to give the participant specific assistance for their everyday work or for further training measures? These can be examples from well-known companies or exercises that help you to really apply what you have learned in the future.

Learning content

Is the learning content of the online course organized logically and clearly structured? Especially with online courses, chapters are no more than
30-45 minutes are helpful. Firstly, it makes it easier to return to work after a break, and secondly, online attention is much less than in the classroom. Regular interim conclusions or summaries keep the participants engaged. Finally, is the participant learning also what was announced in the course description.


Online courses offer a major advantage over conventional courses. The subject matter can be queried and tested directly online. Make sure that the learning status can be tracked and your students can download its course certificate after finishing the course. Questions to the lecturer or a chat with other course participants facilitate the exchange of experiences and external learning groups can also arise from this.


New technologies offer many possibilities, but an online course should be as intuitive and easy to use as possible for the participant and work on all devices (PC, MAC, tablet, smartphone).

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