General Online English Course in Toronto Canada 22.5h

Original price was: 115,00€.Current price is: 105,00€.

The General Online English Course is perfect to connect with other students from anywhere in the world and is also very economic.

  • Max 12 students per course
  • 22.5 hours of General English Course (20 lessons online + 10 lessons home work)
  • Flexible times 
  • Very good price!
  • Class materials included
  • Attendance certificate
  • All levels (A1 –  C2)
  • Start of classes: every Monday
Great discounts in the purchase of an onsite course in Toronto, Canada.

Online English course in Toronto Canada

20 lessons (15h) in class and 10 lessons (7.5h) for extra work

With our online English Course in Toronto Canada students will enjoy English learning from native speakers from one of the best language schools in Canada – ILAC (International Language Academy of Canada). One important fact is, that this Online English Course offers the possibility to attend live lessons that will allow students to learn English from anywhere in the world. The aim of this Online English course is that the student was able to communicate in a proficiency way as an authentic native and learn English in a multicultural environment and this also for a very good price.

Teaching Method for Online English course in Toronto Canada

The lessons are split in 20 lessons active online teaching and 10 lessons for extra work as home work or essays. Important for the course is, that in the virtual class room wont be more than 12 students. For example the average is around 8 students per class. Each day the native teachers do their best in teaching English language and make their students feel happy. Their teaching method creates a pleasant, communicative and happy atmosphere in the classroom.

How many hours for the 20 lesson class?

3 hours of online class + 1 hour of independent learning every day

Get your free trail class

The best option to study English in Canada is to attend the this online English course starting today. Above all, do not forget to ask for your free trail class. But beforehand, the language school will identify the language level through an online test available on their website and assign it to one of the classes. Here is the link for online test:

International mix

Another important aspect is the flexible timetables for students from all over the world. Here you can find an example for the online classes.

Timetable English Online Course Toronto Canada

What type of certificate do I receive?

The same certificate as the ILAC courses. ILAC Kiss is a delivery method for your regular ILAC courses. The only difference is a digital certificate sent to your email.

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