1:1 Private Online Spanish Course


The 1:1 Private Online Spanish Course is perfect for professionals or people how want to improve their language skills as fast as possible.

  • Pack price for 10 lessons = 10 hours
  • 1 lesson = 60 minutes
  • Personally measured language course to your needs.
  • Perfect for professionals / business men
  • Private lessons with your own teacher.
  • Flexible times 
  • Class materials included
  • Attendance certificate
  • All levels (A1 –  C2)
  • Start of classes: every day
Great discounts in the purchase of an onsite course in Valencia, Spain

1:1 Private Online Spanish Course (pack 10 lessons)

With our 1:1 Private Online Spanish Course you will enjoy Spanish learning from professional high qualified native teachers. The most important fact is that the student was able to communicate in a proficiency way as an authentic native and learn Spanish in a professional environment. Therefore the language school Hispania, Escuela de Español just has qualified Spanish teachers for this specific Spanish language course.

Teaching Method

Firstly you can decide and set the topics (business, presentation, …) you want to learn always according to your language skills. And secondly you can do this to your time proposal. Therefore everything is 100% personally measured to your needs!


Private Mini groups for 2-5 students

Hispania private groups

What means pack of 10 lessons?

Certainly you can organize your lessons with maximum time flexibility. So Spanish lessons are when every you want just for you. 1 lessons = 60 Minutes.

First interview with your teacher

Above all, do not forget to ask for your free information interview with your teacher to talk about your topics, language level and the goal of your language course.

Most flexible school

Another important aspect is the flexibility of the course times. Hispania, escuela de español is the most flexible school in the world. Students will take advantage of this also in our online Spanish courses. Thanks to the Hispania Methodeach student can choose the number of classes that he or she wants to study as well as his or her preferred timetable.

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