1:1 Private Online Russian Course


Your benefits: The 1:1 Private Online Russian Course is perfect for professionals or people how want to improve their language skills as fast as possible.

Those with good German language proficiency are best suited for the challenges of modern business life. Our instructors prepare their lessons according to your individual needs. You will have the opportunity to determine the rhythm and content of the course yourself, because whether you are a doctor, attorney, banker or teacher – every work environment is different.

Programme includes

  • 5 lessons of Russian Course (1 lesson = 45 minutes)
  • Pack price for 5 lessons / one lesson per day
  • Personally measured Russian language course
  • Perfect for professionals / business men
  • Private lessons with your own teacher.
  • Flexible times 
  • Class materials included
  • End of course certificate is provided upon completing the course
  • All levels (A1 –  C2)
  • Start of classes: when you want
Great discounts in the purchase of an onsite course in one of the schools in Moskow, Riga, St. Petersburg or Irkutsk.
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1:1 Private Online Russian Course

With our 1:1 Private Online Russian Course you will enjoy Russian learning from professional high qualified native teachers. The most important fact is that the student was able to communicate in a proficiency way as an authentic native and learn Russian in a professional environment. Therefore the language school Liden & Denz just has qualified Russian native teachers for this specific Russian language course.

Teaching Method for your private Online Russian course

Firstly you can decide and set the topics (business, presentation, …) you want to learn always according to your language skills. And secondly you can do this to your time proposal. Therefore everything is 100% personally measured to your needs!


What means pack of 5 lessons?

You will have a credit of 5 lessons (1 lessons = 45 minutes). So Russian lessons can be held when every you want just for you, but usually 1 lessons per day.

First interview with your teacher

Above all, do not forget to ask for your free information interview with your teacher to talk about your topics, language level and the goal of your language course.

What type of certificate do I receive?

End of course certificate is provided upon completing the Russian course.


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